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Fashion Design career?

Whether you are a fresher or a fashion design professional, making it big in a career as a fashion designer is not an easy dream to realize. Till now it was only for the ones with influential contacts, financial stability and a lot of luck. Fashion Maker is determined to accelerate the speed of your journey. We will help you find freelance fashion design jobs online and guide you through to transforming your unique designs into exceptional industry grade tech packs.
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Why Fashion Maker?

Financially Stable Career in Fashion Designing

Work on freelance fashion design jobs you love and get paid as you deserve. Financial stability is not a luxury enjoyed by emerging fashion designers and sometimes even by experienced fashion professionals. Use Fashion Maker to look for fashion design job vacancies online and get hired to work with established brands or startups and be on your way to realize the dream.

Build Your Fashion Design Portfolio with Experience

You could be starting off as a fashion designer – and be on the lookout for experience and exposure. You need that one big break to build a good portfolio and kick start your fashion design career. Join now to expand your portfolio of clients and showcase your credibility to the world.

Expand and Grow your Professional Network

Grow your network by interacting with fashion businesses be it startups or established brands through our platform. Get to know what other freelance fashion design professionals are doing – get inspired, collaborate and grow to boost your way onto the top ramps of the world.

Why is Fashion Maker different?

Fashion Maker is a dedicated online platform for freelance fashion designers to connect with parties who are seeking fashion design services. Your rating on Fashion Maker, reviews of customers who loved working with you and the portfolio of real work you’ve done will take you a long way in your fashion design career.

We don’t just stop there – we also empower you to design for manufacturability by taking your fashion illustrations through tech pack designer templates and guides. By taking our 4 Step Process, Fashion Maker is guaranteeing that you provide the best possible value to your customers.

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How does it work?


Find freelance fashion design projects online and get hired


Collaborate with clients online and develop clothing designs


Design for manufacturability by creating tech packs with Fashion Maker


Get Paid!

  • "We have no means to show our talent unless we have a ridiculous amount of work experience FOR FREE to put on the cv - and that’s for them to just consider your work. In reality designers cant afford to work for nothing for 2/3 years before getting a job. So I think Fashion Maker makes a lot of sense."
    — Adam P, Fashion Designer
  • "Getting in to fashion circles is a big thing. I think Fashion Maker would be a great platform to start off and make contacts. I no longer have to be in a big city - I could be anywhere"
    — Alexia C, Fashion Design Graduate
  • "Right out of college, no one took me seriously as a designer. No matter what I did, no one would select me despite my formidable portfolio following my college career. With Fashion Maker, I would be able to find freelance fashion jobs online and gain work experience with client feedback!"
    — Sarah Q, Fashion Designer

Ready to grow your freelance fashion design career?

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"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."

Cecil Beaton

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