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Whether you are an experienced fashion brand or a fashion startup, managing a business is constantly challenging, especially when the business is rooted in the world of fashion. You need to have up-to-date, trendy clothing collections your consumers love and yet be different enough to offer them something unique, something they could connect with.

As a fashion entrepreneur, you could be comfortable in managing the operations and would have a clear idea of the look and feel of fashion boutique – but only a professionalclothing designerwith the right style could bring your vision into life!

We are here to pair you with the right fashion designer!
Fashion Maker is novel, fast and affordable.
A variety of freelance designers right at your fingertips ready to create unique, manufacturable designs – just for you!

Why Fashion Maker?

Top Freelance Fashion Designers

The challenge is often to find talented and trustworthy fashion designers. Evaluating their credibility and easily discovering them is not easy. With our fashion platform, we provide you easy access to our versatile catalogue of talented and diverse fashion designers.

Ready to go Tech Packs

Fashion Maker ensures practicality and manufacturability of all designs purchased through the platform. Find affordable manufacturable designs equipped with tech packs from top freelance fashion designers in the world, helping you grow and expand your business.

Consumer Driven Research

Consumer and trend research is key for a great design. Our designers do extensive research on latest consumer trends and upcoming preferences before starting on their masterpieces, ensuring fashion brands are able to showcase garments their consumers desire.

Variety and Uniqueness

Work with as many freelance fashion designers as you want to keep your collections fresh and trendy, convincing your customers they never know what to expect from your brand. We promote a culture of creativity and uniqueness throughout!

Why is Fashion Maker different?

We don’t just provide you sketches of stunning clothing!

We make sure you get the full range of technical details, measurements and raw material information in the form of a comprehensive industry standard tech pack!

All designs purchased through Fashion Maker enables you to seamlessly move into manufacturing and kick start your design label!

How does it work?


Find the right fashion designer


Collaborate with the designer and develop the designs


Get the tech pack for your masterpiece!


You are all set to get it manufactured!

  • "I have come across great fashion designs - but producing them into garments haven't been equally great. The best thing about Fashion Maker for me is that they make sure I get something my factory would understand."
    — Jason R, Fashion Brand Owner
  • "Having in-house fashion designers is more costly than I thought it would be. Sometimes I struggle to get something fresh created - I think Fashion Maker will work well for my business!"
    — Maria J, Fashion Entrepreneur  
  • “Although I love my job, working within the fashion industry can be very frustrating. Everyone keeps hush, never throwing leads or recommendations my way. With Fashion Maker, I don’t need to beg anymore – designers are made available to me, as I need them. Now I can expand my business in my style as much as I want, on my own time and dime.”
    — Carl F, Fashion Store-Owner

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"The hardest thing in fashion is not to be known for a logo, but to be known for a silhouette."

Giambattista Valli

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